Tasman $200 Ships Recipient Reports

Every year we offer grants of up to $200 to help young people in Tasman District reach their potential, with a focus on personal development and leadership.This page has reports from recipients of the Tasman $200 Ship grants.

This year, Murchison Area School student Georgia Mason and Nelson College for Girls student Kirby Rogers have recieved “$200 Ships”. Georgia, who put the money towards a voyage on the Spirit of New Zealand, and Kirby, who used the scholarship to attend Hands-On at Otago 2016, describe the impact the scholarships have had on their lives in their own words.


Georgia – Spirit of New Zealand voyage

Up the Mast

Up the Mast. Photo credit Georgia Barber

“I had a fantastic opportunity to sail from Dunedin to Bluff on the Spirit of New Zealand. For starters I was nervous about not knowing anyone and travelling by myself. I soon got over that when I was warmly welcomed by the crew and a fellow trainee when I got to Dunedin Wharf.

“Over the next 10 days, I became more of a leader and was very proud when I was awarded the Jewellers’ Award for displaying outstanding endeavour and personal growth. I set my personal goal to climb to the very top of the mast, which I couldn’t wait to do.

“I had the best time of my life. I recommend that if you are ever given the opportunity to go, take it. I can’t wait until I am old enough and able to go back as a leading hand. I learnt so much and made many incredible new friends within such a short amount of time.

“An experience of a lifetime.”



Kirby – Hands-On at Otago

“This one-week camp was an amazing opportunity which I am extremely fortunate to have been able to attend. Not only did I learn heaps about my chosen project, history, I also learnt about genetics, Māori culture, law, attended a fascinating lesson on memory development, as well as making life-long friends.

“Through the week in my project we were based in Toitu, the Otago Settlers’ Museum, where we researched objects relating to early New Zealand settlements. Using this research from the museum and university libraries in pairs we summarised our research into blog posts, which have been published, and the Global Dunedin blog with the end goal of them becoming part of a book containing a collection of short posts relating to Dunedin settlement.

“Also through the week, I got a taste of university life and what it is like to live in halls of residence. This for me was a great experience and having some indication of how my future will be, and confirming that university is where I want to be in the not so distant future, was very beneficial to my future plans. I am extremely grateful to the Tasman District Council for their aid in allowing me to attend this fantastic event.”


Apply for a $200 Ship

More information on the scholarships and how to apply can be found on our website, http://tasman.govt.nz/link/200